Sunday, May 15, 2011

Peaceful Day

Today I decided to turn off the computer, phone, and tv from 10:30am to just now at 6:05pm. I gota admit it was very peaceful around here.  The kids an I cuddled on the couch and read books, colored with crayons, and just quietly played.  Nap time was also wonderful, the kids AND MYSELF took a 2hour nap.  When we woke up (together), we all wentto the kitchen, I put them in their highchairs, and they watched me as I made dinner.  Dinner consisted of Large shell noodles, spaghetti sauce, HOmemade Meatballs, and cheese/garlic bread.  Dakota ate 2 plates and Dustin had 3 plates for dinner.  No Dustin doesnt eat more than Dakota though... he is just VERY picky.. He only eats the noodles and sauce, so while he only had 3 plates of noodles, Dakota devoured 2 plates that had bread, meatballs, and noodles.  After dinner the kids will get a bath, watch a movie with mommy, and go to bed around 9:45pm.  So that concludes today, nothing exciting happened but this was a VERY RARE calm day.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Introducing the Irish Twins

I became a mother to a beautiful little girl I named Dakota on September 27th 2008, she weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 19.75inches long.  Not anymore than 11 months later on August 30th 2009 I gave birth to a handsome baby boy weighing in a 7lbs 6.5oz and 21inches long named Dustin.
As of today they are happy, healthy, hyper, toddlers whom are totally opposite in pretty much EVERYTHING!
Some examples:
Dakota didn't crawl til 11months old----Dustin was crawling by about 4months
Dakota walked at 16months----Dustin walked at 10 months
Dakota and Dustin are just now beginning to talk.
Dakota is happier in the morning----Dustin prefers the evening
Dakota eats meat---Dustin turns away from it
Dakota rather play with babies---Dustin plays with older kids
There is sooo many more ways they are opposite.
Despite their differences they still get along extremely well... obviously Dakota is the leader of the two since she is a bit older but Dustin does get alot of say as to what they get into.
This is the end of introduction... if you wanna know more about the Irish Twins then continue to read my blog at least weekly. I plan on blogging daily but every mother knows not to promise something will get done when they have kids running around. :)